Studies and Analysis of Political Science, Eng. (Studia i Analizy Nauk o Polityce, pol.) - periodical affiliated with the Faculty of Social Science of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. It has been published since 2020. The journal is edited the half-yearly, only on-line. The formula of the Journal is open for researchers and experts from Poland and abroad. Permanent sections have been introduced: Studies and Articles, Materials and commentaries; Reviews; Conference reports. Articles and studies can be published by persons with at least the academic title of doctor. Studies and Analysis of Political Science is a journal publishing articles by Polish and foreign authors, in English and Russian.


Studies and Analysis of Political Science is an important academic forum for the presentation of studies, materials and analysis of phenomena, institutions, norms and scientific results of observations. The purpose of the journal is to provide extended and in-depth analyses and evaluation of key political, military and economic issues at global, regional and local levels.

Publications having scientific and practical value, include articles, research reports, reviews and polemics.

Articles in Studies and Analyses of Political Science can be published in sections: Studies and articles, Varia, Reviews, Reports.


The main purposes of Studies and Analysis of Political Science:

  • to create aforum for exchanging views in a broader international context;
  • to present scientific achievements in Poland and abroad;
  • to present effects of research in a European and comparative perspective.


The journal covers issues widely understood science of politics and administration, international relations, security and media studies.

Leading thematic profile is political science, but what distinguishes its specificity is to cover also other areas designated by the sub-discipline of political science, which include several thematic sections: political communication, political myth and political systems, methodology and political theory, international relations and European integration, national security and international. Each section is edited by an independent editorial team formed by the scientists, collaborating with the editorial centers in Poland and abroad, specialists in their fields.


The main areas of articles are focused on:

  • theory of politics
  • political systems
  • movements and political doctrines
  • international relations
  • National Security and International Political Communication
  • recenthistory


  1. Each section is edited by an independent editorial team formed by the scientists, collaborating with the editorial centers in Poland and abroad, experts in their fields.
  2. The articles published in Studies and Analysis of Political Science for the author is not provided for remuneration.
  3. Editorial Team Studies and Analysis of Political Science with the Council of Science of Journal made a preliminary assessment of the submitted materials from the point of view of compliance with the letter and profile of the basic requirements for scientific workshop and level of expertise.
  4. Then, studies and articles are submitted to the evaluation of the reviewers who are academic staff and appointed separately for each publication.
  5. Their names are not disclosed in the individual volumes of the journal. List of reviewers cooperating is shown on the journal's website.


Reviewing procedure is as follows:

All studies and articles are reviewed by two academics whose affiliation is different from the author of the article.

By submitting articles to editorial review we follow the policy of double anonymity (authors and reviewers do not know their identity, (‘Double-blind review process’).