The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin for its 90 anniversary of activity was awarded a medal "MILITO PRO CHRISTO" by the Military Bishop of the Polish Army.


This distinction was given: for education of Catholic intelligence, for education of the young people in the spirit of Christian values, for education of characters and attitudes, for search for the truth in all fields of knowledge, for its revealing and faithful proclamation, for carrying out the research in the spirit of harmony between science and faith, for contribution to Christian culture, for steadfastness of attitudes in the history of the University - despite persecution and repression, for obedience to the motto “Deo et Patriae” - “For God and Homeland”. Military Ordinate of the Polish Army awarded this annual distinction in the form of a medal "MILITO PRO CHRISTO" to emphasize the merits of those who bear witness the highest values and strenuously serve the Republic of Poland, who are totally involved in proclamation of the truth about the fate of the Polish Nation as well as support the military pastoral work.