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NEWS | 26 MARCH 2021

The Rector's College of the Catholic University of Lublin: there is no consent to any forms of anti-Semitism

“There can be no consent to any form of anti-Semitism in social and academic life,” stated the Rector's College of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). The Rector's College of the Catholic University of Lublin pointed out...

16 OCTOBER 2020

The Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin: The Condition for Dialogue is the Mutual Respect of Both Parties

One of the conditions for dialogue is that both sides approach each other with respect and the willingness to seek the truth. They should calmly listen to each other’s arguments, and when criticizing or rejecting them, they must avoid hurting...

20 APRIL 2020

COVID -19 Information for Foreigners in Lublin

We would like to inform you that on the website of the Lublin City, information on the current epidemiological situation in the country is updated in English ( and Ukrainian (    Moreover, a separate section entitled „Coronavirus Practical Information" in both...