Jacek Dąbała, Creative Paths to Television Journalism (Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften; 2015). 



"The tragedy of television 'journalism' is that we so often need to put that word in quotes. This book explains the nature of TV production in a hyper-connected, high-velocity world of information and news. It helps us understand why TV news, flawed as it tends to be, is nonetheless a vital medium for public understanding - and offers some hope that a new generation of producers, and audiences, can make the medium match its best potential."

Prof. Dan Gillmor, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University, USA

"This new book combines a scholastic approach to TV News with a practical understanding of production and the new pressures bearing down on the industry. As such it combines a real-world understanding with an objective, academic perspective and offers valuable new insights into what is still the most powerful medium for news and information in the world."

Prof. Richard Sambrook, Director, Centre for Journalism, Cardiff University, UK



Jacek Dąbała, Mystery and Suspense in Creative Writing (LIT Verlag, 2012)

as part of International Studies in Hermeneutics and Phenomenology  



Mystery and Suspense in Creative Writing presents a systematic analysis of a key aspect of journalistic, media, and communication studies writing. The book examines the specific rules for creating intrigue and suspense in selected classic literary texts. It allows the reader to understand the importance of emotions through a reinterpretation of various archetypes. The rules postulated by creative writing for building drama and tension contribute to developing one's creative talent and communication skills. The paradigm of creative writing serves to shape the creativity of students of various disciplines, including not only literary studies and journalism, but also such diverse areas as medicine and information technology.