"In the mystery of every human

                         being there is an interior landscape:

                                                 with untouched plains, gorges of the silence,

                                                                                with mountains out of reach, with concealed gardens..."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


It is considered, that the beginnings are usually the hardest. And so it was in our case. Nobody supposed that editing a magazine would be so difficult. Thanks to the support of all sympathetic to us people, we were able to get through that stage. Without that support and without our effort the "SOMETHING NEW" would not exist at all. We are slowly working out our brand. What kind of? The assessment does not belong to us. We are conscious that we can not manage to indulge every single person because it is technically impossible. Nevertheless we are glad to hear all the lifts aimed in our editorial staff. You commend our articles, the layout and our ideas.


We would like to thank you for the criticism as well. It obviously improves the image of the magazine.


Moreover we apologise for any inconveniences. Not always all was set, sometimes we were not able to fulfil your expectations.


We have just started our adventure with the journalism. That is why we kindly ask you for a little bit of understanding. We want every issue to be better than the previous one. Smarter than before, we would like to encourage you to the further lecture of the magazine.


Editor in chief

Marek Pankiewicz