New Media- The Press- Editing

Classes within specialization:

New media as a means of communication

The press as a means of communication

News Agencies and working with the news service

The press journalism's genres

Advertising in new media and in the traditional press

The art of interviewing, editorial talks, discussions

The computer in the press journalist's work

The local and environmental media

Editing: its rules and genres

Blog as the type of the information and the relations creating

The Internet press

The audio- visual media : Radio- Television- Film

Classes within specialization:

The radio as means of communication

The television and film as means of communication

The television and radio newscaster's work

The news services on radio

The radio contents' genres

The radio workshop: recording and editing

Modern television's systems

The television contents' genres

The news services on TV

The film and television screenplay

The film and television workshop: recording and editing

Documentary movie

Public Relations- The public opinion- Politic

Classes within specialization:

The essence and the PR's role in modern society

Strategies, forms and tools of PR

The media and public opinion

Advertising: language, creation- the strategy of persuading communicate

The psychology of influence

Analysis of the public discourse

Political communication and political campaigns

Social campaigns

The institution, enterprise and media

Non- media promotion technique

The public relation officer: his role and action techniques

The art of dialogue, negotiation and public appearing


The Intercultural Communication- Media- Media Education- this specialization is planned to be open in 2009/2010

Classes within specialization:

The information and communication society

The intercultural communication

Propaganda, manipulation, techniques of influence in modern society

Interpersonal communication

Non-verbal communication

Cultural competence and media competence

The global and local communication

Myth and stereotype in popular culture

Semiotics of the electronic media

The influence of media on the users and the users' autonomy

Analysis of the media contents

The assessment of the audiovisual and multi-media creation