Stanisław Kiczuk (born 16.01.1938) in 1972 obtained master's degree from the Institute of Philosophy of Nature, Faculty of Philosophy Catholic University of Lublin. In 1973 graduated in Logic from the Institute of Theoretical Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Catholic University of Lublin. In 1976 obtained first Ph. D. degree (doktor), in 1984 second Ph. D. degree (habilitacja), in 1996 full professor title. He supervised 10 Ph. D. programs and released 157 papers, including 3 books:

  • Issues of Cognition Value of the Logic of Change (Lublin 1984),
  • Causal Relationship and the Logic of Causality (Lublin 1995),
  • The Subject and Applicability of Formal Logic (Lublin 2001).

Selected recent papers released by Stanisław Kiczuk are:

  • On Informal Logic, "Roczniki Filozoficzne" 51 (2003), vol. 1,
  • On Modal Logic, "Roczniki Filozoficzne" 52 (2004), vol. 1,
  • Logicians and Logic on Study of Nature, "Roczniki Filozoficzne" 53 (2005), vol. 1,
  • Remarks on Material Implication, "Roczniki Filozoficzne" 54 (2006), vol. 1,
  • Formal Logic and Formal Logics?, "Roczniki Filozoficzne" 55 (2007), vol. 1,
  • Contemporary Logic versus Mathematics and Philosophy "Roczniki Filozoficzne" 56 (2008), vol. 2.

His papers concern primarily non-classical formal logics, philosophy of logic and philosophy of science.
Stanisław Kiczuk is a member of Polish Philosophical Society, Lublin Society of Sciences and CUL Society of Sciences. In 2000 he has been decorated by the President of the Republic of Poland.

He has been the Chair of Logic since 1986, a member of the editorial board of "Annals of Philosophy" and "Studies in Logic and Theory of Knowledge". He used to be a deputy dean (1986-1989), a deputy vice-chancellor (1989-1998), and a dean (1999-2008).