Studies in the Institute of Romance Studies are divided into two stages. The first stage covers the first three years of studies, the third year of the studies ends with an examination for the degree of Bachelor. During the first stage special emphasis is placed on a thorough knowledge of the French language which is realized during following courses: phonetics, conversation, composition, civilization, media, grammar.

From the first year of studies our students can also learn Spanish and Italian language as well as literature, history of these countries. They can also deepen their knowledge by choosing Spanish or Italian pedagogical specialization.

The second stage of the studies covers the last two years. This is a stage of specialization, ending with the writing and submission of a M.A. thesis. The number of obligatory courses is reduced, whereas the number of specialized courses increases. Our students have a choice beetween four professional specializations : pedagogical specialization, French of the economy and finances specialization  Spanish and Italian specialization which are written down on their diplomas. The students themselves decide to what extent they will specialize in literature, linguistics or psycholinguistics.