A foreign student who wants to be vaccinated should go to his health centre or any family doctor.
A primary health care physician has the right and should issue a referral for vaccination. When issuing a referral, in the field "patient data", he should select "Other identifier" (instead of "PESEL number") and enter the number of the identity document used by the authorized foreigner (passport number or foreign ID card).

When vaccinating, you should have an identity document with you, the details of which have been given to the doctor to enter. At each stage of the vaccination process, use exactly the same identity document that was used to issue the e-referral.

With the e-referral issued in the system, you can register for vaccination in one of two ways:

via the helpline 989,
directly at the selected vaccination point convenient for the place of residence / stay.

When registering for vaccination, please provide the document number that appears on the e-referral!


Vaccinations against COVID-19 for foreigners residing legally in Poland are provided free of charge.

Vaccination can be started at an appropriate time, according to the vaccination schedule of individual age groups.


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