Beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year

October 1 this year at 9.00 a.m. in the Academic Church of the Catholic University of Lublin, a Holy Mass will be celebrated. It is also possible to participate in the mass online. You can find details online on our website.

Then (from October 1) classes will be conducted according to the timetable.
Please check your schedule online on e-kul.

You are already given the index number (you need it to create the e-kul account). Please create your e-kul account as soon as possible. After creating your e-kul account you will be able to access codes. You need the codes to access your online classes on Microsoft teams.

Meetings of the Students of the 1st year
(Informatics and Mathematics) with the Supervisors of the years during which the students take the oath, will be held in individual fields of study on the first day of didactic classes: Informatics- October 2nd at 13.20, Mathematics October 1st at 10.50.


Attention Biotechnology 1st year students the organizational meeting will take place on October 1st in Institute of Biological Sciences street: Konstantynów 1 I, at 11 o’clock classroom B-008.


Wearing masks at the university is obligatory!!!! If you have covid symptoms don’t come but send the information to this e-mail account:


The contact to our dean office:

The International Bioanalytic Technology MSc programme has been approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

We are pleased to inform you that the International Bioanalytic Technology MSc programme has been approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The curriculum was established within the KATAMARAN project funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The programme will be conducted in English together with the International University of Sarajevo, as a joint programme (with a minimum of one semester at the foreign university). The programme combines the strengths of both universities, modern laboratories and practice at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and modern IT issues, machine learning and design thinking at IUS plus a lot of classes with professionals (with at least five years of experience in industry or another industrial institution such as pharmaceutical or biomedical companies, environmental monitoring, plant breeding, diagnostic laboratories) and 360 hours of internship. The first recruitment is planned from March 2021. More information will be available soon at,19862.html .

Information about organization of classes conducted in English in the winter semester in 2020/2021

Dear students,


In the winter semester students of informatics and mathematics (groups in English) will have online classes only.


Students of biotechnology (group in English) will have both type of classes. Some of them will be conducted online (lectures, turtorials, seminary classes) and practical subjects (classes, laboratories and lab diploma) have to be taught regularly and students will have to come to class. 

Note for students of the first year of bachelor's studies of biotechnology in English.

For students who will not be able to study regularly (for example because of the problems connected to travelling to Poland), a special group will be created and all forms of classes will be conducted online only.