Professor, the chief of the Department of Metaphysics of the The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

  • 1950: born in Witków near Zakopane
  • 1970-1976: study in philosophy and theology in the Seminary of the Salesian Society in Kraków
  • 1976-1979: study in philosophy in the Catholic University of Lublin
  • 1983: PhD degree in Department of Philosophy CUL on the base of the thesis “The method of separation and the Thomism”, promoter: professor Mieczysław A. Krąpiec OP
  • 1980-1987: vice-director and director of the study in the Seminary of the Salesian Society in Kraków
  • 1984: the commission lectures on the selected questions of metaphysics at the Catholic University of Lublin
  • 1987: beginning to work a full time job at the Chair of Metaphysics in the Catholic University of Lublin
  • 1991: qualification for the assistant professor on the base of the treatise “System of metaphysics. An analyze of an objective-and-rallying cognition” (approved by CCK in 1992)
  • 1995: an associate professor at the Chair of Metaphysics CUL
  • 1996: the director of the Chair and Institute of Metaphysics
  • 1999: the chief of the Theoretical Philosophy Section in CUL
  • 2001: obtaining the formal and state title of professor

Domains of researching

Questions from the methodology of metaphysics

  • problematic of the method of the realistic metaphysics (separation)
  • specification of a “system” of the realistic metaphysics
  • specification of the language of metaphysics, and of the explanation and justification in metaphysics
  • the limits of applying logic to metaphysics
  • metaphysics and ontologies

Issues of the theory of metaphysical cognition

  • specific character of metaphysical cognition (cognition through statements)
  • the existential statements and their role in realistic cognition
  • the transcendentals and metaphysical principles and their role in comprehensive cognition of reality
  • the problematics of the truth and rationality
  • analogy of beings and analogy of cognition

Selected questions of metaphysics

  • problem of substance and of its role in metaphysical cognition
  • causes and effects of pushing the substance aside and off in modern and contemporary philosophy
  • the fundamentals of rationality and finality of the world
  • the basis of the metaphysical theory of creation of the world (creatio ex nihilo)
  • the being compositions and their function in explaining the nature of beings
  • question of causes and of causal cognition

Issues of philosophy of law

  • metaphysical basis of philosophy of law
  • the nature and the natural law
  • a being status of law

Issues of philosophical anthropology

  • basis of forming the understanding a man as a person
  • transcendence of human being theoretical and practical consequences
  • problem of a being unity of a man: soul-mind-body
  • application of the being-compositions to determining the limits of medical experiments
  • application of the theory of the act and potential to explanation of actualization of human being


  • 1984: Munich
  • 1993: Toronto
  • 1997: Leuven

Membership in scientific societies or associations

  • Scientific Society of the Catholic University of Lublin (CUL)
  • Polish Thomas Aquinas Association
  • Lublin Philosophical Society
  • Società Internazionale Tommaso d'Aquino
  • American Association of Catholic Philosophers
  • American Society of Christian Philosophers
  • Pontificia Academia di S. Tommaso, Rome