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The Rector of KUL: essential today the promotion of the teaching of St. John Paul II among the youths

The teaching, spirituality, work and attitude of St. John Paul II demand systematic promotion among young people, with the help of modern methods of communication. The rector of KUL, Rev. Prof. Miroslaw Kalinowski, after Monday's speech at the Plenary Meeting of the Polish Bishops' Conference in Warsaw, stressed that reliable scientific researches are the answer to the accusations.


- The rector of KUL told journalists that the researches of historians are the continuation of their work which has been carried out for a long time. Analyzing archival documents, we do not see any serious evidence that St. John Paul II consciously made decisions to protect perpetrators of sexual crimes from being held accountable in any way. Given the Holy Father's approach to the disadvantaged, the weak, the abandoned, the victims of crime and persecution, it is absurd to claim that he was not interested in the fate of the disadvantaged. These are purely media speculations made on the basis of residual and selectively presented archival materials, without taking into account the socio-historical context.


He also informed about an academic debate, to be transmitted online, which will be held at the Lublin university on March 29, with the participation of historians who will address the issues in detail. Rev. Prof. Kalinowski also noted that KUL, responding to the contemporary challenges and social needs, has initiated a two-year project of coordinated, multidimensional and systematic media-scientific and journalistic activities.

- The rector of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin stressed that the main objective of the project is to promote the biography, teachings, spirituality, scientific and literary achievements of St. John Paul II. The times, today, require the use of new communication tools and technologies so that the message can effectively reach the young people. We invite scientists, researchers, journalists, publicists, directors and artists to a team work.


He added that activities will be conducted in several areas: media, popular science, research and creativity. Professional multimedia, journalistic and popular science materials will be prepared, as well as reports with the results of historical and sociological researches, among other things. The materials will be translated into English, Italian, French, German and Spanish languages.


Rev. Prof. Kalinowski noted that the legacy of St. John Paul II is also being accomplished in initiatives undertaken by the university such as the Center for Studies at the Detention Center in Lublin, the Areopag of Universities, the Abraham J. Heschel Center for Catholic-Jewish Relations, KUL Study Center for Poles abroad. In addition during this year’s autumn the series of diocesan congresses will be launched at KUL they will consist, among other things, of debates on contemporary challenges of the Church, especially in the context of questions of young people.