In 1946, in a just founded Faculty of Philosophy, there was created Departament of Logic, Mathematical Logic and Methodology. Rev. Prof. Antoni Korcik was designated as the first head of the department. In 1952 the department was divided, giving the origin to Departament of Logic and Department of Methodology of Sciences. From the middle sixties until the middle seventies of the XX century Rev. Prof. Stanisław Kamiński - the Departament of Methodology of Sciences - was in charge of the Departament of Logic as a trustee. From October the 1st 1975 to September the 1st 1985 Prof. Ludwik Borkowski was the Departament of Logic. Since May the 24th 1986 Prof. Stanisław Kiczuk has been the Departament of Logic.


Non-classical logics constitutes the main research area of the Departament of Logic. Systems of the logic of change and of the logic of causality have been created. The Z. Zawirski's system of quantum logic has been completed. Philosophical issues concerning intuitionistic logic, many-valued logics, logical necessity, modal logic, adequacy and applicability of non-classical logics in natural sciences have been investigated. The question of the subject of the classical propositional calculus has been answered. The problem of identity was risen and some logical tools for analyzing artifacts have been created. In the Departament of Logic there have also been prepared papers in general philosophy of science. In that area the concept of progress in natural sciences and philosophy have been analyzed and some theses of positivism have been criticized.