Scientific interest and research:

  • Overexpression and purification of native or recombinant proteins expressed in E. coli or S. cerevisiae.
  • Detection of enzymatic activities and their characterization.
  • Estimation of modulating effect of several substances, mainly in regard to helicases, NTPases, polymerases, proteases and kinases using radiometric and non-radiometric assays.
  • Research on the mechanism of action in case of inhibitors (interaction inhibitor/enzyme, enzyme/substrate, inhibitor/substrate).
  • Inhibition of viral replication.
  • Estimation of antiproliferating activity in cell culture and cytotoxicity tests.
  • Estimation of anti-viral activity of chemical substances.


Skills and methods:

  • Electrophoresis techniques: proteins (SDS/PAGE, IEF) and nucleic acids (agarose, acrylamide).
  • Chromatography techniques: affinity, size-exclusion, ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction.
  • Enzymatic assays to estimate activities like helicase, NTPase, protease, polymerase and kinase.
  • Cell culture techniques (cytotoxicity tests, virus replication).