Scientific interest and research:

Genetics and molecular cytogenetics, chromosome and karyotype structure, repetitive DNA sequences, meiosis; translocation heterozygotes: Rhoeo, Oenothera, Tradescantia species; Renner complexes; B-chromosomes; chromosome rearrangements in vivo and in vitro; structure of interphase nuclei.


Skills and methods:

Cyto-molecular techniques, that is combination of cytology/anatomy, cytochemistry and molecular genetics for the analysis of the cell cycle (e.g., meiosis/mitosis), chromosomes, cells and tissues, that is: chromosome and cell/tissue preparations - smear/squash preparations and cell/tissue sectionning; fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH); PCR-based molecular  techniqes; genomic libraries; immunodetection of proteins and histone-tail modifications on chromosomes and in the cell/tissue context; fluorescent differential staining (e.g. DAPI staining, acridine orange  staining, CMA/DA/DAPI, AMD/DAPI); silver-staining (Ag-staining); C-banding; image  deconvolution.