Scientific interest and research:

My scientific interest covers protein kinases especially protein kinase CK2, its mechanism of regulation, engagement in different cellular processes including cancer. In detail it would be examination of activity of new inhibitors of CK2, its contribution in transcription progression in yeast and involvement of CK2 in TRAIL resistance of cancer cells.

I also deepen my knowledge with two other enzymes that are engaged in cancer development by design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new inhibitors of those macromolecules. The first one is Steroid Sulfatase and the second is Carbonic Anhydrase II.


Skills and methods:

  • molecular cloning
  • design of protein expression systems
  • optimization of protein expression (in bacteria and yeast) and purification from soluble fraction as well as from inclusion bodies
  • purification of proteins from different biological material using FPLC ÄKTA Purifier and PURE systems
  • Enzymes assays with radiometric and colorimetric methods
  • molecular modeling techniques especially docking