Prof. dr hab. Marek Pawlak

Fields of interest: business company management

Current research: business ethics, starting company and new product commercialization

International cooperation: Department of Management and Marketing, University of New Orleans



dr Kalina Grzesiuk

Fields of interest: social networks in management, employer branding, organizational change management

Current research: social networks in shaping employer brands




dr Anna Pilarczyk

Fields of interest: business model, strategy, sustainable development,
risk management

Current research: business models in chosen contexts- i.a. innovation,
sustainable development theory

International cooperation: Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology




dr Monika Sak-Skowron

Fields of interest:customer satisfaction, business performance
management, strategic management, business research, marketing

Current research: domestic labour market, education sector in the light
of employers’ needs and expectations, issue of sustainable development in the polish education system




dr Monika Wawer

Fields of interest: human resources management, management of enterprise

Current research: human resources management, business
analytics, employer branding



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