About the Department


The Department was established on October 1, 2003. From the beginning of its existence, the role of Director was fulfilled by prof. dr hab. Marek Pawlak. Initially, it operated within the Institute of Management and Marketing of the Catholic University of Lublin, then as part of the Institute of Economics and Management, and currently as part of the Institute of Journalism and Management. The staff composition of the Department has changed over time. At present, apart from the Head, the Department employs six people: dr hab. Adam Skrzypek, dr Anna Pilarczyk, dr inż. Monika Sak-Skowron, dr inż. Monika Wawer and mgr inż Joanna Brudnicka-Morawska.

The research interests of the Department's employees over the last 5 years have covered the following areas: business ethics, starting a new business, functioning of supervisory boards, CSR, group management of enterprises, education in the field of management, network paradigm in enterprise management, social factors of changes in organizations, social embeddedness of organizations, pathologies in organization management (with particular emphasis on fraud committed by employees), business models, business analytics in human resource management, new trends in human resource management, and managing relations between company and client (internal and external) in particular in the area of the medical market.