The Institute of Biological Sciences KUL

  • The Institute of Biological Sciences consists of four Departments, each with its own scientific scope in biological and chemical research. Scientific projects are connected with:
  • Plant substances with biological activity
  • Abiotic stress factors and the metabolic and molecular response of plants
  • Interaction of cyanobacteria toxins, pesticides, antibiotics and immune systems of cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals
  • Immunobiotechnology, cytophysiology and molecular toxicology
  • Obtaining and analysis of physicochemical properties as well as application of nanomaterials
  • Respiratory processes and decomposition of oxygen, its availability and transport in soil
  • Methanotrophic bacteria and their properties
  • Molecular mechanisms regulating protein synthesis in the cell under normal and stress condition
  • Regulation of enzymatic activities involved in human diseases


Why Study Biotechnology at KUL?

  • Modern and well equipped laboratories
  • Small laboratory teaching groups
  • major emphasis on practical work and on the developing of a wide range of analytical and manipulative skills
  • High-qualified teachers with international experience
  • Many scientific national and international cooperations