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The first volume of the “Prawo-Administracja-Kościół”, the Law Journal of the KUL’s Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration was issued in 2000. In 2005 by the Faculty Council’s decision, the form of the Law Journal was revised, the name changed - "Studia Prawnicze KUL" ("Legal Studies of The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin") - and an Editorial Board consisted of scholars from various Polish universities was established. The new Journal of the Law Faculty – “Studia Prawnicze KUL” is published ever since.


The Journal includes articles of various legal issues. A new section concerning the sources of law, which presents the translation of various legal documents, was added. The Journal presents also summaries of the published texts in Polish, English and Russian. All texts are reviewed by well recognized academics, specialists in the specific fields of law. The final parts of the Journal consist of the Chronicle of the Law Faculty’s activities and the bibliography of the members of the Law Faculty.


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