We recommend Annals of Social Sciences - is an open access academic journal directed to international scholars. The journal is devoted to three fields of study: sociology, political science, and Catholic social teaching, and it publishes articles, research reports, reviews, and polemics.



On April 10-13, 2019, the Institute of Sociological Sciences hosts Prof. Radu Carp from the University of Bucharest. We invite you to the lectures of the Professor, which will be held on the following dates:

04/11, 8.30-9.45 AM, C-318, subject: Secularization - Europe and worldwide
04/11, 10.15-11.45 AM, Campus Majdanek, DMMII-101, subject: Identity politics, national populism and threats to democracy
04/12, 10.50-12.30 AM, Collegium Juridicum, CI-303, subject: Rule of law mechanism and human rights protection in the European Union. 



Towards a Dynamic Third Age. Guidelines and Recommendations of the Erasmus + BALL Project has been released. The book, co-edited by Monika Adamczyk, devoted to the topic of old age, which is the result of the international project BALL (Be Active Through Lifelong Learning), has been published in four languages: Polish, English, Spanish and Icelandic. All language versions are available on the project website.