Chosen publications published under patronage or with cooperation our chair


We would like to be close to our readers. Many people experience dramas connected with different addictions: addictions from chemical substances or different functions. There is a lot of myths around those issues. They don't solve the problem. We want to destroy myths and show ways to get out. This is a task of "Addiction: facts and myths" series. These series contain following titles:


SECTS.  Destructive cult groups.

ks. Dariusz Sikorski, ks. Sławomir Bujalski

This book researches psycho - social base of addiction of cult group. It discusses mechanisms of the groups acting  and ways of setting free from its destroying influence. It helps specialists, parents, tutors and youth who is the most exposed to danger connected with sect manipulation.

Lublin 2004, Wydawnictwo Gaudium
oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 228
ISBN 83-88615-43-2



Iwona Niewiadomska, Marta Sikorska-Głodowicz


The second publication from series, Alcohol, tries to show the problem of using and abusing alcohol and alcohol addiction. It talks about possibilities with prevention of this addiction.

Lublin 2004, Wydawnictwo Gaudium
oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 228
ISBN 83-88615-71-8



Iwona Niewiadomska, Piotr Stanisławczyk OFM Conv.

Drug addiction, it's ambiguous term. Mostly it's being used to identify two kinds of situation connected with using chemical substances.  In narrow meaning  this term concerns using opiate substances. In wide meaning it concerns habitual using different psychoactive substances resulting in addiction.

Lublin 2004, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 288
Wydawnictwo Gaudium
ISBN 83-89659-11-5



red. Joanna Chwaszcz, Małgorzata Pietruszka, ks. Dariusz Sikorski SDS

Nowadays mass media are important factor forming social culture and peoples attitude. They became the subject of researches and discussions of many science disciplines. Mass media awaken an interest of psychology. The Main area of researches is an influence of media contents on human. There are discovered many forms of media influence on recipient, positive and negative as well.



Iwona Niewiadomska, Agnieszka Kulik, Agnieszka Hajduk


With many different functions performed by food appear irregularities from feeding. According to food it's difficult to determine clear limits between standards and pathology.

We can say that mentioned disorders don't constitute homogeneous    group, and so far there is just few known so good that there are criteria of diagnosis. Analyzing problems which occur in anorexia, bulimia, obesity or intense overeating syndrome we can draw a conclusion that there exist features which fulfill criteria of functional addiction, especially dysfunctions connected with temporary or permanent behavior control.

Lublin 2005, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 280
Wydawnictwo Gaudium

ISBN 83-89659-18-2



ks. Mirosław Kalinowski, Iwona Czuma, Małgorzata Kuć, Agnieszka Kulik

Workoholism problem appeared In Poland recetly and it's connected with intensive economical development. During communism period there was work degradation occurring and any commitment in work didn't bring profits. Lack of connection between effectiveness, gratification and consumer abilities was the main factor which restrained commitment in work activity. Upon economical changes in our country the social and economical value of work increased. It was significant to have a job but also the quality of work was important. Unemployment on one hand and profusion of consumer goods which can be bought from work activity on the other are main reason why occupation is so prized by people.

Lublin 2005, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 208
Wydawnictwo Gaudium I

SBN 83-89659-28-X
Wydawnictwo KUL

ISBN 83-7363-262-X



Iwona Niewiadomska, ks. Mirosław Kalinowski, ks. Dariusz Sikorski


Among many types of substitute form of religion we can separate public cults which are characterized by generality (a great group of recipients), low specification (big variability of customers, lack of permanent members) and variety of offers to help frustrated needs of purchasers. According to presented criteria we can classify to wide range cult such elements like superstitions, using amulets, astrology, fortune - telling, occultism, magic and unconventional medicine.

Lublin 2005, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 208
Wydawnictwo Gaudium

ISBN 83-89659-32-8
Wydawnictwo KUL

ISBN 83-7363-271-9



Iwona Niewiadomska, Małgorzata Brzezińska, Bernadeta Lelonek


The government always recovers Money invested In games and it always exceeds an amount of won money of individuals winners. The only way to win is not to play. There is only one good reason to gamble - it is a belief that we pay too little tax for the government so we want to make it up. A games of chance are taxes in disguise, which fill the governments till and sometimes criminal organizations till.

Lublin 2005, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 240
Wydawnictwo Gaudium ISBN 83-89659-31-X



Iwona Niewiadomska, Joanna Chwaszcz, Blandyna Kołodziej, Bożena Śpila

From sex phenomenon appears the ability to recognize and react for two kinds of sexual stimuli. The first one contains stimuli which can be recognized by senses. The second one - representations, concepts and values which are important in persons life. Because of that reason there is much wider range of situations which can arouse a need of sexual activities. In contradiction to others drives, it is difficult to specify the sexual stimulus. We can be never sure what will unleash sexual tense and what will stop it.


Lublin 2005, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 234
Wydawnictwo Gaudium ISBN 83-89659-14-X
Wydawnictwo KUL ISBN 83-7363-241-7



ks. Czesław Cekiera

M. Russel, the doctor from Great Britain, who was working on premature death caused by smoking, said that in humans history no other biological unneeded factor didn't mean so much for so many people, who after so little experience need it so often, so regularly and for so many years, despite that they try to avoid it.

Lublin 2005, oprawa miękka, format 115x185, s. 234
Wydawnictwo Gaudium

ISBN 83-89659-22-0
Wydawnictwo KUL

ISBN 83-7363-252-2




Among many issues taken up by our department in science researchers we are interested in issues connected with social adjustments, that is in wide meaning crime. With active participation of our department following publication connected with the subject  came out :


Authority and dignity of penitentiary service and effectiveness of resocialization methods.


Editor  Jan Świtka, Małgorzata Kuć, Iwona Niewiadomska


Presented publication is collection of speeches during symposium, which the main aim was reflection about large and difficult issue connected with relation between penitentiary service and convicts.


The keynote  of symposium appeared in connection with need of paying attention to penitentiary service work which is not appreciated and often improper assessed in society. The book is addressed to people and circles interested in penitentiary law, criminal law, to psychologists, educationists and all the people keened of the role of penitentiary service and the vision of changes in prison.


Lublin 2004, Wydawnictwo KUL, ss. 348; ISBN 83-7363-214-X


Criminals personality and resocialization process


editor Jan Świtka, Małgorzata Kuć, Iwona Niewiadomska


This publication is an attempt of finding fundamental answers :what characterizes criminals personality? What are main differences between criminals personality and non criminals personality? What is the  relation between criminals personality and resocialization? In what range criminals personality features influence on effectiveness of resocialization?  Publication concerns particular type of behavior, a behavior which breaks the law. This kind of behavior generates questions about reasons and  ways of prevention.  The answer for criminal important question "why human breaks the law?" comes from analysis of the role  of personality in behavior regulation. Simultaneously in publication there is a discussion about  the role of personality in resocialization impact researched in effectiveness aspect.

Significant part of book is dedicated to description of considerations of criminal dynamic,  what would help to determine the etiology of criminal act. He great role play internal conditions (subjective, endogenous, personality and character). The main subject of presented articles is effectiveness of resocialization process with reference to criminal personality. Effectiveness of resocialization process is strongly connected with criminal agreement for correcting impact.  

The book is a result of cooperation of academic circles from Catholic University of Lublin with prison service. The book is addressed to representatives from specializations working on criminal personality and its influence on resocialization effectiveness. It is also addressed to penitentiary service. It's usefull for law students, psychology students, people studying education, sociology, who are interested in that issue and sensitive to so important problem as criminal resocialization.