1. Permission to use microfilms is granted by the director of the ABMK Institute, at the written request of the person concerned. Master’s and PhD students should submit a letter from their thesis supervisors. In addition, they must provide a permit from the archive whose microfilmed materials they want to use.
  2. The user of the microfilms must provide the ABMK Institute with a copy of his work which was based on, among others, the microfilmed archival materials stored in the ABMK Institute.
  3. The reading room of the ABMK Institute is open every day from 8.30 to 14.30.
  4. In the event of loss or partial damage of the microfilm, the borrower must cover the damage which is estimated by the management of the ABMK Institute.
  5. Anyone who wants to copy, reproduce and publish microfilms must submit a permit from the management of the archive which stores the records.
  6. The user of the microfilms is personally obliged to return the microfilms to the employee of the ABMK Institute.
  7. The ABMK Institute does not lend microfilms outside the precincts of the archive.
  8.  The management of the ABMK Institute reserves the exclusive right to use certain microfilms, and the decision which microfilms are part of this group is made by the ABMK