Wojciech Szczepan Staszewski PhD, Associated Professor

Educated in Faculty of Law, Canonic Law and Administration of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin; Master Degree based on work connected with Status of Honourable Consul in International Law - found as the best work by Minister of Foreign Affairs as to international affairs in 1995,  written on seminar of Anna Przyborowska-Klimczak; Since 1994 Assistant in Chair of Public International Law; Since 2003 Ph.D. based on work „International Aspects of Persons Migration", written on seminar of Stanisław Wrzosek. Since 2004 Associated Professor at John Paul II CUL. Mainly interested in Consular and Dyplomatic Law; transborder relations. Member of International Law Association.

Public International Law
Dyplomatic and Consular Law
Consular Law

Public International Law


e-mail: wojciech.staszewski@kul.lublin.pl