Department of Criminal Procedure was created on 1 October 2015 by separating from the structure of Department of Criminal Procedure, Criminal Executive Law and Criminalistics. The head of the Department of Criminal Procedure was entrusted to Małgorzata Wąsek-Wiaderek, hab. PhD, University Professor. The teaching and research staff of Department of Criminal Procedure is also composed of Associate Professors: Iwona Bień-Węgłowska, PhD, Grzegorz Skrobotowicz, PhD, Marek Smarzewski, PhD as well as of Assistant Professors: Joanna Dzierżanowska, PhD, Adrian Zbiciak, MA.


Main fields of research:

  • complaint against appellate court judgement [Polish National Science Centre OPUS grant awarded in OPUS 12 (panel: HS5); Project no: 2016/23/B/HS5/03786]; the research team includes: Małgorzata Wąsek-Wiaderek, hab. PhD, University Professor (head of the research team); Joanna Dzierżanowska, PhD; Marek Smarzewski, PhD; Tymon Markiewicz, MA; Adrian Zbiciak, MA;
  • applying of the European Arrest Warrant to persons who weren't present in the course of the proceedings leading to their conviction [the European project "In AbsentiEAW", financed by the European Union under the European Union's Justice Programme (2014-2020); the research team formed at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin includes: Małgorzata Wąsek-Wiaderek, hab. PhD, University Professor; Paulina Duda, MA; Adrian Zbiciak, MA];
  • legal professional privilege and its protection in the Polish criminal proceedings;
  • changes in the model of appeal proceedings in the Polish criminal procedure in 2013-2016;
  • "Europeanisation" of the Polish criminal procedure
  • probative value of expert opinion in criminal proceedings
  • law of evidence - the use of new means and examination techniques in the process of obtaining evidence for criminal proceedings
  • analysis of the European standards of protection of human rights in a criminal process
  • the right to defense and the abuse of procedural rights in criminal proceedings.


Didactic classes conducted at the Department of Criminal Procedure:

  • Extradition and the other forms of states cooperation in the prosecution of crimes (lecture);
  • Criminalistics (lecture);
  • Criminal Proceedings (lecture and workshops);
  • Special procedures and the others simplified forms adjudicating on criminal liability (lecture);
  • Evidence Law in Criminal Proceedings (lecture and practicals);
  • Police and Judicial Cooperation in criminal matters in the European Union (lecture);
  • Criminal Proceedings (graduate seminar);
  • Criminal Proceedings (doctoral seminar);
  • Forensic Expertise (seminar);
  • The case-law of the European Court of Human Rights in criminal matters (seminar);
  • The case-law of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland in criminal matters (seminar);
  • Pleadings in Criminal Proceedings (seminar);
  • Tax Penal Procedure (seminar);
  • Victimology (seminar);
  • Legal Clinic - Section of Criminal Law (lab);
  • The case-law of Court of Justice (workshops).


Contact details:

  • E-mail Adress of the Department:
  • Telephone: +48 81 445 35 53
  • Postal Adress: Department of Criminal Procedure, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin, Poland