Department of Econometrics and Statistics

Department of Econometrics and Statistics (formerly: Mathematics Application) was established in 1997. It is an organisational unit of the Institute of Economics and Finance at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.


The research, initially in the field of theoretical mathematics, has been broadened over the years to include topics concerning mathematical economics and financial engineering. The research at the Department has covered, among others: Paprocki’s theory of space and special functions; modelling of economic processes in the continuous and discrete time; applications of dynamic systems in the theory of approximation; algebraic aspects of economic processes; and optimization in economics. Current areas of interest include: mathematical models of international economic relations and of their impact on the shape of environmental Kuznets curve; and application of difference equations in economic dynamics.


The measurable effect of the research work carried out by our staff are publications in the field of economics, finance, mathematics and applied mathematics.


The Department’s staff members deliver course lectures and teach classes, e.g. in mathematical analysis, linear algebra, descriptive statistics, statistical inference, financial mathematics, and microeconomics.





Professor Lech Gruszecki

Fields of interest: difference equations, economic dynamics, history of mathematics

Current research: Environmental Kuznets Curve



Dorota Jegorow Ph.D. (leave)



Katarzyna Jabłońska-Karczmarczyk Ph.D.

Fields of interest: competitiveness of enterprises, human resources



Dorota Tokarska Ph.D.

Fields of interest: competitiveness of enterprises, human resources



Katarzyna Ziętek-Kwaśniewska Ph.D.

Fields of interest: trade credit, payment behaviour, corporate finance

Current research: trade credit payments



Office hours


Professor Lech Gruszecki (MS Teams, e-mail)

Friday, 10.50 - 12.20


Dorota Jegorow Ph.D. (leave)


Katarzyna Jabłońska-Karczmarczyk Ph.D. (MS Teams, e-mail)

Friday, 10.50 - 12.20


Dorota Tokarska Ph.D. (MS Teams, e-mail)

Tuesday, 9.10 - 10.40


Katarzyna Ziętek-Kwaśniewska Ph.D. (MS Teams, e-mail)

Wednesday, 12.30 -14.00




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