Institute of Economics and Management offers first-cycle and second-cycle programmes in Economics, as well as in Management. First-cycle programmes leading to a licencjat degree last 3 years. Second-cycle programmes leading to a magister degree last 2 years. Both programmes are conducted only as full-time studies. Students of Masters are given the opportunity of choosing between two specializations: Accounting and Corporate Finance, and Economic Analytics and Financial Advising
Students of Economics are provided with knowledge of micro- and macroeconomics, accounting and corporate finance, public finances, taxation of companies, and investing in the capital markets They can work in business companies, organizations, and institutions, primarily in operations or support as well as in banks, insurance companies, investment funds, local government institutions, accounting firms, and tax firms. Their knowledge and skills will allow to seek employment in sectors and segments of the European Union markets as well as to start their own companies.
Students of Management are provided with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of contemporary management and related sciences including economics, finances and commercial law. The program’s graduates typically pursue careers as directors and managers in manufacturing, trade, and services industries, business companies, banks, and state administration. The graduates of Management at the Institute of Economics and Management are also equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for starting their own business.