The strategic objectives of The Centre (GCEF) are:

  1. The construction of a nationally - or even worldly - recognisable Centre of Analysis, putting forward topics interested on a micro (domestic, national) and macro (countries and international agreements) scale, focused on the scope specified in the application for the Centre's establishment.
  2. Environmental consolidation of experts in public finance and public sector of economics.
  3. Building all its own publication potential, according to organisation and financial possibilities.

The Centre undertakes and continues "... the scientific, organisational and analytical heritage left by Prof. Zyta Gilowska - who died in 2016 - long-term Director of the Institute and previous Head of the Department of Public Finance". The scope of the Centre's research will therefore be concerned:

  1. systemic solution, with particular emphasis on the organisation, activity and financing of the local government unites,
  2. economics of the public sector,
  3. systemic (macro-), sectoral (meso-) and detailed (micro-) analyses in the sphere of finance - both public and enterprises, including SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise)
  4. statistical and econometric modelling and analysis of economic phenomena and processes.


The operational objectives for the Centre for the upcoming years are to conduct studies, research and analyses in the areas:

  1. Economic potential of the SME sector in the crisis environment
  2. The scope of the public sector in the economy in the light of contemporary challenges
  3. Directional reorientations of countries' economic policies in response to macro-economical megatrends