Employees of the Institute of Economics and Finance conduct research in various areas of economics, finance and business. Information about current research is available on the Departments' websites (menu: Structure > Department).


Latest scientific publications in English are listed below:

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  • Spoz, A., Zioło, M. & Kluza, K. (2019). Impact of Sustainable Financial and Economic Development on Greenhouse Gas Emission in the Developed and Converging Economies. Energies, 4514, 1-36.
  • Rubaj, P. (2019). Emerging Myanmar - From Regime to Reforms. Management and economics research journal, 1-11.
  • Staszczak, D. (2019). Recessions and a changing theoretical basis of the recoveries: a view from the state-corporation hegemonic stability theory. Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, 4 (157), 675-688.
  • Żukowski, M., & Nowakowska, M. (2018). Brexit: Benefits and Costs for the United Kingdom - Reflections for Observers in Europe. Central European Review of Economics & Finance, 2, 60-80.
  • Przyłuska-Schmitt, J. (2018). Cash or not cash?. Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska, Sectio H Oeconomia, 6, 87-96.