Fields of research


In Western societies, any disputes are increasingly looked for to be resolved in a non-judicial way. The fundamental role of a lawyer is to behave like a negotiator and mediator, as opposed to being just an attorney at law or counsel in the courtroom. Legal procedures stipulate more and more solutions based on deals or agreements. Having above mentioned facts considered, academic activities of our Department, established at the 1st of October 2009, focus mainly on the following issues: 


  • competences of a lawyer as a negotiator or mediator;
  • areas of negotiation and mediation provided by law;
  • conditions of negotiation and mediation process.


Within the framework of its activities, in addition to academic research and teaching, the Department of Negotiations and Mediation organizes workshops on negotiation and mediation, cooperates with other Universities, legal professions and institutions, which promote the development of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods. Other important aims of its activities consist of:


  • improving the learning process by introducing elements of practice in negotiation and mediation;
  • promoting the idea of European integration and international harmonization of law and cooperation all legal professions, particularly on issues related to resolving legal disputes.