The Department of History, General Norms, the Law of the Sacraments and Institutes of Consecrated Life was established on 1 October 2018 as a result of restructuring the departments at the Institute of Canon Law. Its research staff comprises persons who previously belonged to various departments and conducted research in the area of their specialisations. The staff have continued to carry out research in their respective areas of interest and follow the same research directions.


Fields of research:


  • the history of the universal canon law
  • fonts of the Polish particular canon law
  • general norms of the canon law
  • subjective right of the faithful to the holy sacraments
  • legal impediments to the administration and reception of the sacraments
  • ecclesiastical legislation on the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
  • traditional and new forms of consecrated life, ascetic practices of consecrated persons



Chair of the Department: Rev. Prof. Dr. habil. Krzysztof Burczak, J.C.D., Professor

Fields of interest: history of canon law, legal Latin

Current research: the pope and promulgation of canon law collections

International cooperation: cooperation with Lehrsthul für Kirchenrecht, insbesondere Verwaltungsrecht sowie Kirchliche Rechtsgeschichte, Klaus-Mörsdorf-Studium für Kanonistik, Ludwig - Maximilians Universität München





Dr. habil. Elżbieta Szczot, J.C.D., Associate Professor

Fields of interest: legal protection of the family in the law and teachings of the Catholic Church

Current research: the scope and limitations of subjective rights of the faithful in the Church; sacramental law

International cooperation: 1) The National University "Ostroh Academy” in Ostroh, Ukraine (Національний університет «Острозька академія»); 2) Volyn Orthodox Theological Academy in Lutsk, Ukraine (Волинська Православна Богословська Академія)



Rev. Dr. habil. Ambroży Skorupa SDS, J.C.D., Associate Professor

Fields of interest: institutes of consecrated life, religious institutes, secular institutes and societies of apostolic life

Current research: 1) The evangelical counsel of poverty; 2) The governance of institutes; 3) Temporal goods and their administration

International cooperation: Consociatio Internationalis Studio Iuris Canonici promovendo



Rev. Dr. habil. Tadeusz Syczewski, STD, Associate Professor

Fields of interest: sources of Polish Church law, rituals in Latin Church law, marriage preparation

Current research: rites of Lent and Easter in the law of the Latin Church

International cooperation: -



Most. Rev. Dr. habil. Artur Miziński, J.C.D., Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: canonical penal law, the procedural law of the Catholic Church

Current research: legal status of an advocate in the Latin Church

International cooperation: chairing and participating in many international conferences



Dr. habil. Lidia Fiejdasz-Buczek, Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: Canonization law

Current research: Reform of canonization law under the pontificate of Pope Francis; beatification and canonization messages; decrees on miracles issued in the years 2013-2020

International cooperation: internships abroad, organising international conferences and publishing works in cooperation with researchers from recognised foreign academic centres and with members of the Curia's dicasteries



Rev. Dr. Adam Kaczor, J.C.D., Teaching Associate

Fields of interest: 1) Theology of canon law, theories regarding the foundations of existence of law in the Church; 2) General norms of the Code of Canon Law

Current research: 1) the "Munich school" of canon law; 2) The polemics of canonists with Rudolph Sohm

International cooperation: 1) Cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kirchenrecht; 2) Regular participation in the cycle of conferences De processibus matrimonialibus in Munich and Augsburg



Rev. Dr. Adam Jaszcz, J.C.D., Research Associate

Fields of interest: Diocesan Synods in the Roman Catholic Church, Diocesan Synods in the Church in Poland, the hierarchical constitution of the Church

Current research: Church law and its binding force in conscience

International cooperation: -