Head - Magdalena Tuszyńska

Supervisor - Rev. Adam Kaczor, JCD

e-mail: knkan@student.kul.lublin.pl


The history of the Canon Law Students' Academic Circle is intertwined with the history of the University. na_placu_w._piotra_351.jpgThe circle was created on the initiative of the students of the Faculty of Canon Law and Moral Sciences in 1919.

The circle's activity focuses primarily on: advancing the knowledge of canon law, assisting the undergraduates in developing individual scientific and cultural interests and networking and cooperation with the canon law fraternities in Poland.

The circle membership entails effective participation in the life of the faculty and University. The circle members assist in the organization of scientific events, such as symposia and conferences. They also foster cooperation with other student organizations within the University and beyond. The students associated with the circle nurture their scholarly and other interests during cultural and scientific meetings and chats and joint trips with the teaching staff of the faculty.