PhD Students


Magdalena Kolasa, MA

Fields of interest: diachronic linguistics; etymology; translation of the Bible into the vernacular languages, especially English and Dutch; common history of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands; audio visual translation

Contact: mkolasa[at]


Aleksandra Kumorowska,MA
Fields of interest: etymology; medieval England; Bible translations in the 15th century; collecting and analysing data

Piotr Tokarski, MA

Fields of interest: English translations of the Bible; language of religious texts; medieval multilingualism; etymology

Contact: piotrtokarski[at]


Piotr Wójcik, MA

Fields of interest: cultures and religions of the Mediterranean; early Christian history and art; contemporary Semitic languages; Biblical Hebrew; Jamaican Patois; the Old Testament (the Pentateuch and the Psalter); Ethiopian and Jamaican culture



Adam Zacharski, MA
Fields of interest: the Bible and its history; the culture and history of medieval period; medieval cosmology