The Department of Commercial Law was constituted by the University Senate on December 9, 1995. However, the history of the teaching of commercial law dates back to the academic year 1921/22. The first lecturer on commercial and bill of exchange law at the Faculty of Law and Socio-Economic Sciences of the University of Lublin was Prof. Jerzy Fiedorowicz (he ceased lecturing with the academic year 1929/30). After one year's break, Dr Mieczysław Honzatko from Jan Kazimierz University of Lvov was appointed lecturer of commercial and bill of exchange law. Dr Honzatko's lectures continued untill the academic year 1933/34. In the same year, Prof. Henryk Dembiński was employed as a teacher of international and commercial law. Prof. Dembiński was lecturing on commercial law after the World War 2 as well as during the academic years 1945/46 and 1947/48. 

The commercial law as a KUL discipline dates back to 1988. Initially, the lecturers of commercial law was teachers from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Prof. M. Poźniak-Niedzielska, Dr J. Mojak, Dr M. Jakubek, and Prof. R. Skubisz). When the Department of Commercial Law was constituted by the University Senate, Prof. Andrzej Szajkowski (also an expert in commercial and industrial property law), was employed by the faculty. At present the fallowing reaserchers contribute to the department's scientific output: Prof. Andrzej Szajkowski, Marcin Trzebiatowski, Hab. PhD (employed 1995), Andrzej Herbet, PhD (employed 1997), Dariusz Bucior, PhD (employed 2000), Paweł Zdanikowski, MA (employed 2003), Rafał Ostrowski, MA (employed 2008). The department also has Paweł Popardowski, a postgraduate student, who partners his older colleagues.