History of the Department of Civil Procedure

The Department of Civil Proceedings
has been functioning since the beginnings of the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Lublin. The first lecturers to take the position of the Professor's deputy were fine legal practitioners: judge Władysław Modrzewski (1921 - 1923) and judge Władysław Łukaszewicz (1924 - 1929). Later on, this position was taken by ex-judge and barrister Antoni Pastuszka, PhD (1930 - 1952). During the Second World War The Faculty of Law (just as the whole University) was closed. The classes were conducted only as a part of Secret Teaching. Antoni Pastuszka was hiding from Gestapo. After the war he, once more, took the chair of the head of the Department, which he chaired until his premature death in 1952. At that time the communist authorities closed the Faculty of Law at KUL.
After the re-establishment of the Faculty of Law in 1985, the classes in Civil Proceedings were conducted by famous lawyers from the Warsaw University: prof. Tadeusz Ereciński (1985-1990), prof. Jerzy Lapierre (1991- 1991), and prof. Teresa Misiuk-Jodłowska (1991 - 1998). However, the independent Faculty of Civil Proceedings did not function, and the classes in this subject were conducted as a part of the Department of Civil Law.
In 1998 the Department of Civil Procedure was re-established after 36 years, and the lectures were conducted from that year by Jan Turek, PhD (1998 - 2005) the lecturer at KUL. The chief education officer of the Chair was the head of the Department of Civil Law prof. Hab. PhD Henryk Cioch.
In 2005 the chair of the Department of Civil Proceedings (Civil Procedure) was taken by the KUL professor, Piotr Pogonowski, Hab. PhD (born in 1973). He is the author of 5 monographs, a coursebook on execution and safety proceedings, and over 100 articles and other scientific monographs. Prof. Piotr Pogonowski is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of History at KUL. He held grants at the Catholic University of America, the Columbus School of Law in Washington, and the Institute of Max Planck in Hamburg.
In the Department of Civil Proceedings there also work as lecturers : Joanna Nowińska, PhD, legal adviser Paweł Cioch, PhD and Edyta Gapska, PhD. They all have published numerous articles in legal press. Paweł Cioch, PhD and Joanna Nowińska, PhD have published one monograph each, and together a coursebook on civil procedure for students.
Both classes and lectures in Civil Proceedings are obligatory for the fourth year students of Law. There is also a possibility of attending MA seminar and postgraduate seminar.