Iwona Bień-Węgłowska, PhD
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Scientific CV

In 2004, she completed Law studies at the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin [KUL], obtaining a master’s degree in law in the same year. Meanwhile, she also completed a 2-year American Law School. In years 2005-2009, she completed doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration at KUL. In 2010, she defended a doctoral dissertation titled “The status of the accused sensu largo in proceedings pertaining to minor offences” and obtained an academic degree of Ph.D. at law.  Since October 2010, she has been employed as an associate lecturer at the Department of IT and Communication Law at KUL and since 2015, as an associate professor. Since 2019, she has been employed as an assistant professor at the Department of Criminal Procedure.



  • Issues connected with procedural criminal law
  • Issues connected with procedural law of minor offences
  • Proceedings in disciplinary cases 


Major areas of research

  • The issue of criminal liability of mentally ill persons
  • Legal status of the accused in proceedings pertaining to minor offences


List of publication



  • The status of the accused sensu largo in proceedings pertaining to minor offences, KUL publishing house, Lublin 2012, p. 227, ISBN 978-83-7702-434-8.


Chapters in monographs and academic textbooks:

  • The procedural position of a suspected person in the course of discovery process in cases pertaining to minor offences, in: Cooperation of public order and safety authorities in the scope of detecting minor offences and prosecuting offenders thereof, editor I. Nowicka, A. Sadło-Nowak, A. Tunia, KUL publishing house, Lublin 2012, p. 189-194, p. 6, ISBN 978-83-7702-509-3;
  • Doubts as to the sanity of the defendant and the obligatory participation of the defender in proceedings in petty offences, in: Yearbook of Law Society in Lublin. Historic and Memorial Notebook 2019, editor K. Kukuryk, Polihymnia publishing house, Lublin 2019, p. 131-151, p. 21, ISBN 978-83-7847-318-3;
  • The principle of the equality of arms and the court’s right to adduce evidence in petty offences cases, in: Implementation of the rules of law in civil, criminal, administrative and canon procedure, editor Krzysztof O. Pokorski, Publishing house: Higher School of Public Administration in Szczecin, Szczecin 2019, p. 45-58, p. 14, ISBN 978-83-950192-1-0.


Research papers:

  • The notion of „suspect” in explanatory proceedings based on art. 54 par 1 in petty offences procedure code, „Roczniki Nauk Prawnych” 2008, no. 2, p. 149-156, p. 8;
  • Detention of a suspect, „Roczniki Nauk Prawnych” 2011, no. 2, p. 73-90, p. 18;
  • The duties of a suspect during petty offence proceedings, „Roczniki Nauk Prawnych“ 2012, no. 2, p. 7-21, p. 15;
  • Rights of the accused after the initiation of proceedings in petty offences under polish law, „Review of Comparative Law“ 2013, no. 18, p.11-21, p. 11;
  • Mental disorders of a perpetrator of an illegal act as subject to examination in the petty offences procedure after 1 July 2015, „Roczniki Nauk Prawnych“ 2017, no. 3, p. 7-26, p. 20;
  • Right of defence at the pre-trial stage in the amended petty offence procedure, „Biuletyn Stowarzyszenia Absolwentów i Przyjaciół Wydziału Prawa Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego” 2018, vol. XIII, no. 15 (2), p. 17-25, p. 9.



  • Review of a book: Izabela Nowicka, Minor offences being wobblers in legal and criminological context, Szczytno, Publishing house of Police Academy in Szczytno 2010, in: „Roczniki Nauk Prawnych” 2012, no. 1, p. 183-186, p. 4.


Developments of source materials:

  • Entries in: “Lexicon of an administrative law attorney” S. Wrzosek, A. Haładyj, M. Domagała (scientific editing) WSH Publishing house in Radom, Radom 2013, ISBN 978-83-62491-19-3, (the National Broadcasting Council – legal status and tasks, p. 163-165; voivode, p. 512-514; combined and non-combined provincial administration, p. 514-516.).


Classes conducted at the Department of Criminal Procedure



  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Criminal proceedings


Elective classes:

  • Petty offence proceedings



  • Disciplinary proceedings



  • Criminal executive law


International cooperation

  • Conducting didactic classes: International Cooperation in Criminal Proceedings at the Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania) as a part of the Erasmus + Programme