• assistant at the Chair of Metaphysics in the Catholic University of Lublin (CUL)
  • vice-director of the Institute of the Higher Religious Culture CUL [Instytut Wyższej Kultury Religijnej KUL], since 2004
  • born: 3 November 1968


  • metaphysics
  • anthropology
  • philosophy of God
  • philosophy of religion
  • ethics
  • theology


  • 1988-1994: MA study in Department of Theology of the Catholic University of Lublin (specialization: theology); MA work under the title “Christian aspect of existence according to Karl Jaspers”, guided and promoted by professor Czesław Bartnik.
  • 1996-2000: MA and PhD study in Department of Philosophy CUL (specialization: theoretical philosophy).
  • 2004: doctorate on thew base of the thesis “Gallus Manser theory of the act and potential as the fundamental for understanding the Thomism”, promoter: professor Andrzej Maryniarczyk SDB.
  • 2000-2001: study in philosophy in Universität Regensburg (Philosophische Fakultät I, Philosophie und Kunstwissenschaften).

Experience and work history

  • since 2002: lectures on ethics in University of Nature [Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy] in Lublin
  • 2006-2007: lectures on history of philosophy of mediaeval, modern and contemporary times in the Institute of Religious Sciences [Instytut Nauk Religijnych] in Gródek, Ukraine, affiliated to the Lateran University, Rome
  • 2006-2008: classes on the ethics and social ethics in the Bogdan Jański College [Wyższa Szkoła im. Bogdana Jańskiego] in Chełm

Didactic activities in CUL

  • classes on metaphysics-ontology
  • classes on texts of Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • proseminar on the metaphysics and anthropology
  • introduction to philosophy, anthropology, philosophy of God and ethics (in the Institute of the Higher Religious Culture CUL)