Departament of the Philosophy of Nature


Research Interests:

  • theory and history of philosophy of nature,
  • history of astronomy.


Books and selected articles:

  • The Chthonic Universe. A Study of the Historical Development of the Monistic Interpretation of the Universe, Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL 2012, pp. 307.
  • Mathematical Astronomy in Greek Sciene: A Study in History and Philosophy of Science, Lublin: RW KUL 2002, pp. 228 [Summary];
  • Saturn – Protei caelestis in the 17-th Century Astronomy [in:] S. Janeczek (ed.), Oblicza filozofii XVII wieku, Lublin 2008, s. 407-422;
  • Anthropology of Knowledge and Anthropology of Astronomy (Archeoastronomy), ,,Roczniki Antropologii Wiedzy’’ 2 (2006): 77-83;
  • Place, Vacuum and Space in Pre-Newtonian Philosophy of Nature, Roczniki Filozoficzne 52 nr 1 (2004): 113-144.
  • On the Origins of Modern Experimental Science, [in] W. A. Kamiński (ed.), Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Singapore-New Jersey-Hong Kong: World Scientific 1988, s. 149-154.


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