In the research area of the Department of Philosophy of Nature there are issues of philosophical cosmology, theory and history of philosophy of nature, history and philosophy of the natural sciences, including philosophy of technology. Issues of the origin and the development of the main concepts of philosophy of nature - such as time, space, space-time, causality - belong to central issues of the Departament's interest. Axiology of science as a branch of philosophy of science is also being developed, especially of the connections of science with cognitive and non-cognitive values. Epistemic axiology, as regards the subject of research, is a branch of the problem of the relationship between science and respective kinds of values. Axiological problems concerning the development and the progress in science, intro- and inter-theoretical connections among different units of methodological analysis are also of the interest. The deductive trend of the XX-century cosmology and contemporary Francophone philosophy of science are investigated, as well as technical and technological circumstances of the scientific cognition.


Department of Philosophy of Nature is engaged in the scientific research of a wide range of philosophical dilemmas concerning animated entity and philosophical problems of environmental protection too.

In the research from the area of the philosophy of animated entity we are focused on the problem of the nature of life from historical and systematical perspective, on the concepts of life which are present in the theory of pro-ecological actions (axiological aspect of life), and there is conducted the research in the anthropological field focused on the variety of the criteria used in the current classifications of genus Homo.

The research concerning concepts of life's nature and anthropological questions are focused on following currents:

  1. epistemological and methodological aspects of the nature of life,
  2. the main conceptions of nature in XX century philosophy of nature and philosophy of ecology,
  3. evolution of genus Homo, current classifications of genus Homo,

Currently the research concerning the following issues is conducted:

  • Teleological reasoning in the practical philosophy of nature (dr Zbigniew Wróblewski),
  • Fossil remains of genus Homo in the light of poly- and monocentric paradigms (mgr Zuzanna Kieroń).