Supervisor - Aneta Biały, PhD

poradnia_prawna.jpgThe idea of university legal clinics was conceived in the United States. Its primary purpose is to increase the availability of free legal aid to the most impoverished members of the community, and, consequently, to foster the development of the foundations of civil society by facilitating the protection of individuals' subjective rights by means of any available legal means. For the law students who provide support under the supervision of University academics, to participate in the clinic teaches the practical application of classroom knowledge and correct identification and effective solution-finding for actual legal issues. It also teaches the right approach to individuals who face and report such problems and are often in a very difficult life situation; it also supports readiness to pro bono activity. The clinic is open to students of final classes, admitted after an enrolment procedure.

MH900422149.JPGPursuant to the an agreement between the Catholic University of Lublin and the Lublin Municipality, the students involved in the clinic have their duty hours in the offices of district councils: Bronowice, the Old Town, Tatary, South Węglin and Wieniawa. The clinic also collaborates with the Lublin branch of Caritas charitable organization, the Regional Information Centre for Victims of Crimes and Offences and with the Little Brothers of the Poor Association. The activity of the clinic enjoys a growing interest, as evidenced by the rising number of cases it is currently handling, as well as by the circle of local government units and NGOs interested in maintaining cooperation.