Name in Polish: Katedra Finansów Publicznych

Department of Public Finances was created in 1994 r. in the result of the organizational changes of the contemporary Section Economy of the Catholic University of Lublin, adapting the internal structure of Departments and Institutions to specialisations in the economics. Department's team steered by professor Zyta Gilowska, concentrated the special attention on the questions of the institutional context of public finances, the political barriers of the transformation of Polish budget system, the transformation of territorial council in the context of the reforms of public finances, financial conditioning the transformation or the problems of funding the activity of the territorial council. In the beginnings of the existence of Department of Public Finances this fields was complemented by problems: the task budget – in formulation binding him from the instrumentarium of funding the politics of the local development; the investment politics of communes; the informatiion infrastructure of the state, and especially the information bases of the politics of the regional development.


Staff hours:

Professor Marian Żukowski -

Thursday, 9.10 - 10.40 (C-430)


Maria Paździor Ph.D. -

Thursday, 9.10 - 9.40 [B] and Thursday, 10.00 - 12.30 [A] (C-424)


Zdzisław Adam Błasiak MA -

Thursday, 10.50 - 12.20 (C-424 or C-421)