(Studies in Law on Religion)


The editorial board of Studia z Prawa Wyznaniowego [Studies in Law on Religion] along with the Scientific Council performs a preliminary assessment of submitted material to check whether it complies with the profile of the journal and meets the basic requirements concerning methodology and content.

Until 2011, contributions were reviewed by two reviewers with a post-doctoral (habilitation) degree, appointed separately for each issue of the journal. A list of reviewers was published in every issue. (The list of reviewers who collaborated with the journal at the time has also been published on the journal’s website.)

Beginning with issue 15/2012, the review procedure is as follows:


All articles submitted to the journal are reviewed by two reviewers whose affiliation is different from the affiliation of the author of the article. Typically, reviewers are researchers with a post-doctoral (habiliation) degree, affiliated with a different institution than that of the journal’s editor-in-chief. No reviewers are appointed from among the members of the editorial board of the journal.

At least one of reviewers who review an article written in a language other then Polish is affiliated with an institution outside Poland (different from the author’s institution).

The journal has a double-blind review process (the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers and vice versa).

Reviews are made in writing and contain unambiguous recommendations to accept or reject a contribution.


When assessing the material submitted for publication, the following aspects are given priority:

- originality;

- content quality;

- sources;

- literature and case-law;

- methodology.


Review Form (English): SPW.eng.doc / SPW.eng.pdf

Review Form (Polish): /

Review Form (French): /


The list of reviewers is provided on the journal’s website - list of reviewers.

The final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of contributions is made by the editor-in-chief, who makes his decisions on the basis of reviewers’ opinions.


The review procedure follows the recommendations of COPE Committee on Publication Ethics included in the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.