Studia z Prawa Wyznaniowego (Studies in Law on Religion) is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration). It focuses on legal aspects of both freedom of thought, conscience and religion and institutional relations between states and churches and other religious organizations. The journal fosters research in law and religion, adopting a broad perspective covering historical, sociological and cultural contexts as well as internal law and traditions of individual religious communities. We pay particular attention to Polish law, which cannot, however, be considered in isolation from phenomena, processes and tendencies at the pan-European or even global level.


We thus promote papers that analyze the relationships between law and religion from the perspective of other national legal systems, international law on human rights and European Union law, and intend to strengthen the position of our journal as an important forum for scientific debate on the law on religion of European states, with particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The journal publishes research articles, legal opinions and commentaries as well as conference reports at the intersection of law and religion.