The Departament of Ethics at KUL focuses its research on the development of a concept of personalistic ethics outlined by Karol Wojtyła - John Paul II. In the center of the main scholarly investigations there is a problem of the meaning of truth and the specific aspects of rationality in ethics. The development of ethics as a philosophical discipline constantly forces one to come back to these problems, both because of their theoretical significance and because of their social application (especially in a democratic society) as rational ethical reflection. This affects various spheres of life such as politics, science, art, technology, mass media, business, and medicine.

Within their own research framework, the staff of the Departament of Ethics also deal with such ethical issues as: marriage and family ethics, the elements of business ethics, the question of totalitarianism and the problem of responsibility in the context of Logotherapy.

An important complement to the main research is the organization of annual conferences under the general hading "Rationality in Ethics", the last of which was entitled "Rationality in Ethics. Conscience - Freedom - Norm. The Problem of the Creative Power of Conscience". The aim of these conferences is to provoke a vivid discussion raised by the lectures presented by the well known scholars representing different scientifical disciplines (philosophy, psychology, theology etc.), as well as different - Polish and foreign - academic centres. The results of these debates, supplemented by other contributions, are published in a series of books. In the near future, the main focus of reflection among the staff at the Departament of Ethics will be the role of authority in recognizing moral truth.

Recently, one of the staff of the Departament of Ethis has received a Deutscher Akademischer Austausch-Dienst (DAAD) scholarship in Germany and two participants at the M. A. seminar of ethics, took part in the international exchange program Socrates-Erasmus.