The Departament was established in 1973. The most important research results of the Departament are as following:

  • Working out two philosophical theories of religion:
    • Z. J. Zdybicka, Człowiek i religia (A Man and Religion), Polish Society of Thomas Aquinas, Lublin 2006, (the 3rd edition);
    • P. Moskal, Religia i prawda (Religion and Truth), Wydawnictwo KUL, Lublin 2008.
  • New proposals concerning ways of cognition of God (Z. J. Zdybicka, P. Moskal).
  • A monograph devoted to the question of participation of being (Z. J. Zdybicka).
  • Studies of the problem of Absolute in Greek philosophy (W. Dłubacz).
  • Discussion with analytic and process philosophy of God and religion (Z. J. Zdybicka, M. Kiliszek, P. Moskal, M. Piwowarczyk).
  • New presentation of issues of philosophy of history from a perspective of philosophy of being (P. Moskal).

The research workers as well as Ph.D students and students writing master's theses have been undertaking many other specific inquiries concerning different types of theism (and atheism) and relations of religion with other fields of culture.


The Departament organized (independently or with others) many Polish and international confer-ences and congresses e.g. World Congress of Christian Philosophy "Freedom in Contemporary Culture" (Lublin 20-25 VIII 1996), series of conferences "Tasks of Contemporary Metaphysics" and "Philosophy in Context of Theology".


In the present time the Departament's research and teaching are connected with two fields of study: philosophy and culture studies. The inquiries concern a dialogue of religions, philosophy of mysticism, analytic and process philosophy of God and religion, affective cognition of God and humanistic value of religion. There is also carried out research on culture of image and pro-tection of Internet users.