Office Hours:

Christopher Orzeszyna, Hab. PhD, University Professor

Wednesday: 8.20-9.10 and Thursday11.40-12.30

Room: C-717A


Sławomir Łukasiewicz, Hab. PhD, University Professor

[year - off]

Room: C-717A


Luc Reydams, PhD, University Professor


Room: C-717A


Michał Skwarzyński, PhD, - Associate Professor

Thursday: 15.50-17.30

Room: C-717A


Robert Tabaszewski, PhD, LL.M. - Associate Professor

Wednesday: 12.35-13.20 and Thursday: 12:35-13:20

Room: C-717A



PhD Candidate


Mgr Aleksandra BANASZEK

[e-mail], Room C-717A


Mgr Aleksandra DZIĘCIOŁ

Monday 15:50-16:40, Room C-717A

Mgr Mateusz HYPIAK

Monday 18:20-19:10, Room C-717A



[e-mail], Room C-717A