Head - Paweł Kur

Supervisor - Rev. Tadeusz Stanisławski, Hab. PhD

e-mail: knsa@student.kul.lublin.pl


The Administration Students' Academic Circle was created in February 2000.Its main objectives are: to initiate projects related to the organization of student life, to prepare courses and training necessary in civil servant's work, to organize conferences on administrative issues, to propagate the knowledge of law and administration, to network with other student organizations and non-governmental organizations, to improve the professional skills of students and assist graduates in contacting their prospective employers.

In order to streamline the work and increase the circle's performance in pursuing scheduled projects, the circle has been divided in four sections: Section of Governing Public Officers Law, Section of Sponsorship, Section of Posters, Section of Marketing and Promotion of Administration Studies. As part of their activity, the circle member organize an annual conference on the Civil Servant's Day.