In 2009 The Faculty of Law of KUL initiated formation of the English-language series of the monographs of the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration. In the series there are published only the treatises which are appointed by a competition and characterize by a particularly high substantial level and which, due to the undertaken subjects, can be a noticeable contribution to the development of the education of law, canon law or administration outside the country. The authors of the published series are research workers of the Faculty of Law KUL.


Competition for the treatises published in English-language series of  monographs is held once a year. Detailed rules of the competition are established by the Editorial Board, which classifies the treatises submitted in the competition to be published in the series.


The Publisher and the main distributor of the books from  English-language series of  monographs of the Faculty of Law is KUL Publishing House. Those who are interested in purchasing the books are kindly asked to contact KUL Publishing House [order].


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