OBLIGATORY TRADE MARK USE AND CASE-LAW                                                   Trzebiatowski_Obligatory_trade_mark_use
Wydawnictwo KUL 2010



CHAPTER 1. The Concept of Obligatory Trade Mark Use

1.1. Trade Mark Use, Intention and Preparations to Use

1.1.1. Community Practice

1.1.2. Polish Practice

1.2. Trade Mark Use and Conducting Business Activity

1.3. Genuine Trade Mark Use

1.3.1. Community Practice

1.3.2. Polish Practice

1.4. Genuine Trade Mark Use and the Commercialization of the Affixed Good on the Market

1.4.1. Community Practice

1.4.2. Polish Practice

1.5. Genuine Trade Mark Use and Non-Profit Organizations

1.6. Genuine Trade Mark Use and Reputation or Well-KnownTrade Marks

1.6.1. Community Practice

1.6.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 2.  The Forms of Obligatory Trade Mark Use

2.1. Use of a Mark Indicating a Company's Name

2.1.1. Community Practice

2.1.1. Polish Practice

2.2. Trade Mark Use as the Name of Product Type

2.3. Trade Mark Use in Correspondence and other Documentation (Orders, Catalogues, Invoices, Official Correspondence)

2.3.1. Community Practice

2.3.2. Polish Practice

2.4. Trade Mark Use in Advertisements and Promotional Events             

2.4.1. Community Practice

2.4.2. Polish Practice

2.5. Trade Mark Use in Agreements and other Similar Trade Contracts

2.6. Trade Mark Use in Trade Activity

2.7. Trade Mark Use in Services

2.8. Trademark Use on the Internet

2.8.1. Community Practice

2.8.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 3. The Extent of Trade Mark Use 

3.1. Criteria for the Evaluation of the Significant Extent of Trade Mark Use

3.1.1. Community Practice

3.1.2. Polish Practice

3.2. The Relevance of the Volume of Sales or Turnover

3.2.1. Community Practice

3.2.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 4. Goods and Services and Obligatory Trade Mark Use

4.1. Community Practice

4.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 5. The Place of Obligatory Trade Mark Use

5.1. Community Practice

5.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 6. The Person Fulfilling Obligatory Trade Mark Use

6.1. Community Practice

6.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 7. The Form of a Mark and Obligatory Trade Mark Use

7.1. Insignificant and Significant Variations of the Form of the Mark

7.1.1. Community Practice

7.1.2. Polish Practice

7.2. Special Circumstances, Including the Use of Another, but also Registered Form of a Trade Mark

7.2.1. Community Practice

7.2.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 8. Time and Obligatory Trade Mark Use

8.1. Community Practice

8.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 9. Justification of non-Use of a Trade Mark

9.1. Community Practice

9.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 10. Sanctions for non-Use of Trade Mark

10.1. Community Practice

10.2. Polish Practice


CHAPTER 11. Means of Evidence in non-Use Trade Mark Cases

11.1. Community Practice

11.2. Polish Practice