Head – Marcin Kasprzyk

Supervisor - Pawel Zdanikowski, PhD

e-mail: knsprawa@student.kul.lublin.pl


The establishment of the Catholic University Law Students' Academic Circle dates back to 1919 when the Faculty of Law and Socio-Economic Sciences launched the Academic Circle of the Lublin University Law Students.

knspStudents gathered in the circle grow their scientific interest and practical skills by using the potential offered by technological progress. One of the statutory objectives of the academic circle is to broaden legal knowledge by organizing and participating in conferences, lectures, workshops and professional training. The circle members travel to visit scientific institutions in the country and abroad. The Law Students' Academic Circle is divided in four scientific sections: Section of Administrative Law, Section of Criminal Law, Section of Civil Law and Section of Finance Law.

Students' engagement helps gain experience and skills needed in their future work. It is also a chance to meet prominent personalities of science and politics. Many of the current staff of the Faculty of Law were actively involved in the academic circle during their studies. The conferences organized and coordinated by the circle during the so-called Lawyers' Week enjoy keen interest of the academia. They are held annually in late April and early May. Through meetings with legal trainees and professionals, the circle members learn the employment prospects of the Faculty graduates. A noteworthy achievement of the circle is the initiative of the Academy of Legal Rhetoric that offers regular classes in the spring semester.